Thursday, May 19, 2016


There are a lot more pix from the Cinco de Mayo festival but this one, taken at the end of my shooting day, is one of my favorites. I was tired and hungry, and wanted to get some lunch to bring to my daughter's house, less than a block away from the festival. There was a neighborhood pizzeria on the corner. While I was waiting for my order this lady stopped in. Didn't buy anything, just wanted to say hi to the owners, and was interested in posing in front of a serious lens. Looks like she had some experience at this.

Like the Mondrian wallpaper in this place.   


Sharon said...

What a fantastic photo! It's perfect.

William Kendall said...

She looks like quite a character!

Nathalie H.D. said...

Great portrait :) !
Thanks also for pointing to the Mondrian wallpaper, I hadn't noticed it, and it's great.

And re your comment at my place, like you I fear for our grand-children and I find it difficult to see the way out. But you know what? This is why I think it's good that we older people finally die and get out of the way because the younger ones out there will have ideas and solutions that we can't even envisage. We're becoming pessimists but they're full of energy. Yes they can! :)

Jack said...

I love her expression. Did you think about cropping her a bit closer to emphasize her face and shirt?