Thursday, August 6, 2015

En Route

Grand Canyon !

The first leg of the trip is done. Obviously, we're heading west but about 90 degrees off course. 

Got some good pix of the Grand Canyon from the air, plus crop circles, I don't know what (space aliens tracings in the desert?), a big city and the next airline. A longer leg coming up.

These photos have lots of color distortion from the plane windows.                         

Grand Canyon 2

Desert From The Air 2

Desert From The Air 1

Downtown LA

Next Flight


Luis Gomez said...

Great shots Bob!

Jack said...

Lovely, Bob. Is that Bernie Madoff on the tail?

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Incredible aerial images Bob.. Amazingly alien landscapes .. and then there's the city ,:)

William Kendall said...

Magnificent, particularly the Canyon.

Birdman said...

Love the Canyon images. Ok, I'll guess. Heading to Calgary and the Stampede?

Norma said...

All wonderful photos, Bob! I took pictures of the Grand Canyon from the air years ago--but mine weren't nearly as good as yours.

Mrs. C. told me you're going to be tutoring her in photography on this trip. She showed me her Nepal photos. She's very good.

Sharon said...

Great shots out the window of the plane. I wonder what that triangle is. Obviously, you were headed to LA. From there, the world is at your doorstep so I'll have to wait and see where you end up.

Halcyon said...

Great aerials! Love seeing the grand canyon from this view.