Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Long Sunset

Anchorage 2015-08-07 14

Summer sunsets in Alaska linger and linger. We did a walk around downtown Anchorage and a four hour evening van ride with Alaska Photo Treks, which I highly recommend if you are a shooter and find yourself up this way. The local photographer who took us around, Jody Overstreet, was wonderful. She knows the area and her photographic technique inside out. These pictures were all taken Friday evening.

From top to bottom:

Anchorage sunset from the Chugash Mountains east of the city. It is a popular hang gliding point.

The Alaska Railroad train that comes up Turnagain Arm from Seward every evening. Jody knows exactly the right time.

A mountain stream a bit uphill from the railroad tracks.

Sea planes going in and out of Lake Hood. This is the only means of transportation to many places in the bush.

So many more to edit. And wait till you see the pix I got Saturday evening at the fishing harbor in Seward.                      

Anchorage 2015-08-07 13

Anchorage 2015-08-07 10

Anchorage 2015-08-07 12

Anchorage 2015-08-07 11

Anchorage 2015-08-07 9

Anchorage 2015-08-07 6

Anchorage 2015-08-07 4

Anchorage 2015-08-07 3


Birdman said...

When you get back, find Building Alaska on the History Channel, I think. Pretty cool reality show that takes in the hardships of building in the bush. Wonderful images.

Sharon said...

Wonderful photos!

Stefan Jansson said...

A fun mix of Alaskan photos.

Jack said...

You get around, Bob.

William Kendall said...

Spectacular and beautiful shots, Bob.

I recommend a book by Walter Borneman, called Alaska: Saga Of A Bold Land.