Monday, August 10, 2015

Go Fish

_S9C013Seward 2015-08-08 4

We are in Seward, on the coast. In the early evening boats for visiting fishermen and women return to harbor and unload the day's catch. The crews clean and fillet it on the spot. It's flash frozen, vacuum sealed and shipped anywhere. We met a man from Arkansas who told us he had been to Seward more than 20 times. At the end of each visit, he ships home 50 pounds of salmon and 50 pounds of halibut.

I took about a zillion pictures of this process. There are lots more good ones I could edit in my spare time. Havent even started on the pix I took earlier Saturday in Seward (anyone want to see puffins?) or the long boat trip we took Sunday down Resurrection Bay and into the Gulf of Alaska, where we saw a glacier that empties right into the ocean, seals, whales and a pod of orcas. No rest on our holidays.                       

_S9C013Seward 2015-08-08 1

Seward 2015-08-08 6

Seward 2015-08-08 7

Seward 2015-08-08 8

Seward 2015-08-08 10

Seward 2015-08-08 9


Stefan Jansson said...

I try to eat salmon every week. Often with potatoes and lemon-sauce. Nice to see a few "before" photos!

s.c said...

Its for sure a photo paradise but the trouble comes at home when you have to decide which one to use and which one is for the garbage bin.

William Kendall said...

Quite an operation if they're shipping to anywhere!

Birdman said...

This ain't no fish tale, BC.

Jack said...

Pretty impressive trip, Bob.