Friday, April 10, 2015

The Giant And The Pipsqueak

Madeleine At Citygarden 2015-04-09 2

Guest photos by daughter Emily. Yesterday was a pleasant spring day. Emily brought Madeleine downtown to splash in the fountains at Citygarden. I walked over from my office to meet them. Em had her big camera and took these shots.

There is a grid of metal plates in the pavement that shoot up water in varying patterns. At first Madeleine was baffled. Once she got the idea she squealed with delight, running from jet to jet, putting her hand over them and waiting tor each to squirt. She got good and wet.

One of the rare posts with a peek at me.                             

Madeleine At Citygarden 2015-04-09 4

Madeleine At Citygarden 2015-04-09 1

Madeleine At Citygarden 2015-04-09 5


William Kendall said...

Oh boy, absolute cuteness, Bob!

Memphis MOJO said...

Looks like photography genes run in the family -- nice job.

Halcyon said...

My niece loves those type of fountains too. Such cute shots!

cieldequimper said...

That warm already? That's one of my favourite posts ever on STLDP.

Lynette said...

Absolutely wonderful to see the two of you out enjoying the sunshine! Thanks, Em, for these fine photos!