Thursday, April 16, 2015

Minor League Baseball

Autozone Park Memphis 3

North American readers will understand this, except perhaps for our colleague Virginia in Birmingham, whose attitude toward baseball is the same as Rhett Butler's toward Scarlett O'Hara. International readers can contact me for details.

The Memphis Redbirds are the St. Louis Cardinals' AAA level minor league team. They have a beautiful, new little stadium that holds 10,000 fans. (The Cards can pack in something in the mid 40s.) There are no bad seats. (Um, not so here.) It is an intimate setting for baseball lovers.

I completely blew it out and bought the most expensive seat in the place for $21. The high end here is about six time that. The Redbirds got trampled 12 - 0 by the Cubs affiliate in Des Moines. Still, it had a baseball charm you can never get in the big leagues.                                      

Autozone Park Memphis 6

Autozone Park Memphis 9

Autozone Park Memphis 8

Autozone Park Memphis 5


Luis Gomez said...

Love this post Bob. Great images.

Virginia said...

Frankly my dear ....I'd rather watch paint dry! Now that I've alienated baseball fans around the blog world let me say I wouldn't mind seeing this crowd.

Sharon said...

I'm not much of a baseball fan either but, I have been know to watch a game or two.
That top photo is simply superb in it's simplicity. Love it!

William Kendall said...

We've had a couple of minor league teams here in the past, but not at present. Hopefully that changes at some point.

Birdman said...

Looks like a beautiful place to watch America's pastime. You caught 'baseball fever' with these images. That one with sun and shadows. Very nice.

Stefan Jansson said...

Baseball really is the US to me. Nice snaps.

Jack said...

This would be loads of fun for me. Columbus (where I worked for six years ending in 2010) had a new 10,000 in-town park for the AAA affiliate of the Cleveland Indians. Great fun!