Sunday, April 12, 2015


Peabody Hotel Ducks 2015-04-11 3

Peabody Hotel Ducks 2015-04-11 5

Mrs. C's conference is at the grand old Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis. The public areas have an antique opulence. It has had a wacky tradition for 80 years - a group of ducks spends the day splashing in the ornate marble fountain in the lobby. They come down the elevator from their rooftop home at 11, parade across a red carpet to some small steps and hop into the pool. The ducks go back up the same way at 5. 

A duckmaster (how'd you like to be a duckmaster?) presides with great ceremony. There is always a big crowd. I couldn't get a line of sight anywhere on the lobby floor and had to take up a position on the mezzanine.              

Peabody Hotel Ducks 2015-04-11 4

Peabody Hotel Ducks 2015-04-11 2


s.c said...

Clearly a very nice circus act. But what would we be without traditions.

Sharon said...

Great shots! I had no idea it would draw such huge crowds. I guess I should have known that. What a whacky and fun tradition. Duckmaster? What a name!

Norma said...

I'd go there just for the ducks!

William Kendall said...

Ducks in the hotel! How cool!

cieldequimper said...

Really? Really really??!!