Friday, October 24, 2014

What A Great Gig

10,000 Birds 25

Anyone with an interest in the auditory arts would envy the members of Alarm Will Sound. They get to play all this cool new stuff. They live in New York (you may or may not think that's a plus but, as a native of that city, the idea tugs at me). They hang out with all sorts of cool people and they do a residency in St. Louis every year. But I suppose you have to know how to read music and actually play an instrument, be cool yourself and probably know somebody on the inside. I took violin lessons in Brooklyn for five or six years but was absolutely hopeless, devoid of physical talent. Then I emigrated from New York. I wouldn't qualify.

There are more pix from this event on Flickr here but I think I'll wrap it up on the blog. Don't know what I'll post tomorrow. Saturday has a lot of photo ops, though. In the morning there is an event at an air strip on the edge of the metro area where some people will be dumping pumpkins out of airplanes. How could you pass that up but how could you capture it? In the afternoon there is a parade or demonstration downtown by gun nuts (there, I said it) promoting what's called open carry, wandering around the city with your rifle or sidearm in plain view. Just might have to, ahem, shoot that one. And the evening has the insane annual outdoor Halloween party in the Central West End. It's horrifically crowded but there's so much eye candy.

We'll see. We always see.              

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Norma said...

I hope you opt for the pumpkin drop!

I've been to New York many times. I love it (even though I'm a country girl at heart).

William Kendall said...

The cellist looks deep in concentration. At some point I've got to spend some time around classical musicians, do some research for a future character.

Birdman said...

Eye candy? Any Ikes and Mikes? Will dentists hate this too or support it? hahahahaha

Jack said...

That first portrait is wonderfully contemplative.

A pumpkin drop? I can't envision a way to photograph it. Will stay tuned.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Toting a trombone or trumpet is so much more appealing than toting a gun.. there I said it too Bob :)

Nathalie H.D. said...

The top photo is quite compelling - probably because of that side look. It's so sharp too!

Stefan Jansson said...

Never heard of them, but it sounds interesting will have to check them out now. Although at the moment I'm listening to Rush.