Monday, June 2, 2014

Special Effects

Renaissance Faire 2014-05-25 19

The Renaissance Faire always has fake jousting and swordplay. When one ne'er-do-well attacked another, the victim ended up with a dagger in the eye and red goo squirting everywhere. Then they get up and do it again two hours later.                                            

Renaissance Faire 2014-05-25 20

Madeleine Monday

Madeleine 2014-06-01 1

Madeleine 2014-06-01 2

My favorite tyke waits patiently for dinner last night while her mom and Mrs. C work the kitchen and grandpa works the Canon. She is rolling around in what the family calls The Tank. Nothing can stop her. 

Her hair-do is something of her own invention, if not her intention. My little punker.


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Even though it's pretendy it's still ughy :) on the other hand little cutie Madeleine will never be anything less than totally gorgeous..

Luis Gomez said...

Great effects. Your granddaughter looks gorgeous.

cieldequimper said...

Looooove Madeleine's hair and would very much have enjoyed the jousting!

Your feed is as bad as mine. It isn't updating in the reading list.

Norma said...

Bob, I think Madeleine is actually posing for you in the first photo!

William Kendall said...

Oh yes, she's striking a pose.

Stefan Jansson said...

A dagger in the eye sounds painful. The faire looks like fun though.