Friday, June 27, 2014

Not Quite Right

Not Quite Right


Another improv company, Not Quite Right, this one lead by storyteller, comedian and improv artist Howie Hirshfield. Howie appeared at the Fringe two years ago doing a solo act that was loosely based on the old TV show Gilligan's Island. I think he had me playing Gilligan at some point.

This ensemble consisted of his daughter, just to his right, and two other young comedians. I regret that I didn't make a note of their names. But why are the three younger ones all wet?

The last extended bit was priceless. Each of the players was associated with a word suggested by the audience. Someone else came up with a starting premise. One of the young ones literally stuck his or her head fully into a bucket of water. When they just had to breathe they raised their arm. The others had to find a way to fit the one of the code words into the sketch. The person associated with it had to relieve the current dunkee and, in turn, submerge his or her head in the water bucket. And on and on. Howie generally supervised from the side. Greatest show on earth, or at least at Locust and Compton in St. Louis last Saturday night. 

Overwhelming photo ops in The Lou this weekend. We have Open Studios STL, where 160 artists open their workspaces (and maybe themselves) to the public. I sometimes go around asking if I can take portraits of them with their work. And it's also Pridefest, with the big parade on Sunday, often the best local shoot of the year.                                   


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William Kendall said...

You'll be busy all weekend.

These four look marvelously demented!

Unknown said...

Funny sharp portrait! :-)

Jack said...

You have wonderful photo ops all weekend. This one was pretty good, too.

Stefan Jansson said...

Great title and photo.