Saturday, November 2, 2013

Everything's Up To Date In St. Louie

Modern Screw Products

Stretching material here. The reference is actually to a song called Everything's Up To Date In Kansas City, from the 1943 Broadway show Oklahoma!. KC is a darn good town, but why that state to the southwest needs an exclamation mark is beyond me.

Need to get out and shoot. The fall colors are finally interesting here. The up to date business above was found on the North Side near the river.     


PerthDailyPhoto said...

I sometimes think the exclamation is the most overused punctuation mark used..I know I overuse it!!
p.s. Aimee is running in the 'colour run' tomorrow, am a little worried about my camera, how did you protect yours Bob?

Jilly said...

I remember that song! And was it intentional to write St. Louie? i'm sure it was and perhaps that is part of the song too?

Lynette said...

Good one, Bob. I like seeing signs actually painted onto walls, not merely vinyl ones hanging there. Thanks! Oh, I'm enjoying your grandbaby at Flickr!

William Kendall said...

Would it be possible to go back in time, find the guys who wrote that musical before they did it, and convince them to go into another profession?

Good street shot, Bob!

cieldequimper said...

So would there be an antique screw shop somewhere?

Jack said...

You certainly stimulated an interesting crop of comments today with a simple photo and simple text.