Friday, September 27, 2013

South Seas

Dancing In The Street 2013-09-21 2 pps

On North Grand Boulevard. One of the groups at Dancing In The Street was doing authentic native Hawaiian stuff. Their moves were as serene and gentle as a tropical breeze. No ukulele, though. It's nice to have one around

The photo was pumped up in the computer to give that old color postcard feel.       

3 comments: said...

When I think of my old home town of St. Louis, Polynesian dances and hula music do not come to mind.

But then again, neither to many of the scenes that you show, such as people running through thrown paint-powder.

William Kendall said...

Good shot; the dancers have an energy to them, and contrast nicely with the sky.

Jack said...

The Loo sure keeps itself busy, doesn't it? Hula?