Friday, September 20, 2013

Color Explosion

Color Run 2013-09-15 21

At the end of the color run people crowded around a stage set up in the street. An  inane MC tried whip everyone into a frenzy of excitement (sounds like some churches or political rallies). Staff passed out packets of the colored powder. On a signal from the MC, the crowd hurled their pigment into the air. The result rang alarms at every office of the Environmental Protection Agency in the region. Looked pretty cool.

Overwhelming photo ops in The Lou this weekend. The annual Dancing In The Street festival is all day Saturday in Grand Center. The Great Forest Park Balloon Race is also on this weekend, with the night time balloon glow this evening and the fox and hounds chase tomorrow afternoon. (Last year's pictures here.)  Daughter Emily and granddaughter Madeleine will join me in Forest Park. Baby's first balloon race.           

Color Run 2013-09-15 22

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William Kendall said...

You'll be busy all weekend!

Terrific shots. Very messy shots, of course, but splendid.