Saturday, July 6, 2013

Air Show

Air Show 2013-07-05 1

There is an air show a couple of times a day at Fair St. Louis, the holiday celebration at the Arch and Mississippi River. This is way harder to shoot than the fireworks. I'm probably doing good things for my upper body strength by raising and lowering a DSLR with a telephoto that weighs as much as my forearm, but it wears me out.

I just don't understand the physics and engineering of how these planes go through the contortions they do. There could be a whole post about flying upside down.

The final evening extravaganza is tonight. We're doing dinner and fireworks at a restaurant on the 40th floor (as high as it gets in STL) directly facing the Arch and river, camera and tripod in tow. Hope the windows aren't a problem.                   

Air Show 2013-07-05 9

Air Show 2013-07-05 8

Air Show 2013-07-05 7

Air Show 2013-07-05 4


Stefan Jansson said...

Wow, I'm a bit jealous now, I have never seen an air-show like this one. Great photos.

William Kendall said...

Spectacular shots, Bob! I haven't seen an air show in many years.

Jack said...

The first two photos are excellent, Bob.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh man, my head was already spinning Bob, now my tummy is too :) Excellent images.