Friday, July 19, 2013

A Final Walk Around

Calgary Tower 4

A few last shots from downtown Calgary.

There was a professional photographer taking pictures of the iconic gnome of Travelocity, the travel booking web site. We first saw him up on the observation deck, shooting the gnome against the skyline. Here he is again at the ticket desk on the ground, where he was kind enough to let me use his Pocket Wizard and lighting rig. We also spotted him and his assistant on top of an office building across the street. For a while they had the doll on the top of the wall, where I was certain it would fall 20 or 30 stories and kill someone.

7th Avenue downtown is the center of Calgary's excellent light rail system, the C Train. Otherwise, it's a bit spotty. A shop owner made a comment on the impending arrival of QE II's great grandchild. The train itself carries amusing advertising for Dos Equis Mexican beer.

Finally, another office tower goes up, with parody fine art at street level.

I have many more images from the Stampede I've just started to edit.  STL DPB will feature the Native Canadian area for the next couple of days.

Calgary Tower 3

Last Day In Calgary 3

Last Day In Calgary 1

Last Day In Calgary 2

Last Day In Calgary 4


Olivier said...

j'aime beaucoup la deuxieme photo et le making off de la photo du nain :))

cieldequimper said...

You've managed to catch some unique slices of Calgary! said...

I will be looking for a new Dos Equis commercial for the most interesting man in the world . . . .

. . . "He is featured on St. Louis Daily Photo, when he is in Canada."

Birdman said...

I hear the Lou is VERY HOT! Stay cool in Canada as long as you can.

William Kendall said...

Good to see you've enjoyed your time on this side of the border!

I always wondered why that guy was the Most Interesting Man In The World... simply because he says so?

He does make for some good memes though...