Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Monteverde 2013-02-17 12

Hummingbirds are plentiful in the cool mountain climate of Monteverde. Many places put out feeders containing sugar water to attract them (can hummingbirds become diabetic?). The local population is used to people and is not shy.

I'm told that depending on the species, the birds flap their wings 12 to 80 times a second. Most of these photos were taken at ISO 3200, 85 mm prime lens at f 1.8 and 1/5000 to 1/8000 sec.

We're down on the Pacific now at Tamarindo where it's nearly cloudless, hot and dry. Images on the way soon.       

Monteverde 2013-02-17 13

Monteverde 2013-02-17 16

Monteverde 2013-02-17 11

Monteverde 2013-02-17 10

Monteverde 2013-02-17 14

Monteverde 2013-02-17 17

Monteverde 2013-02-17 15

Monteverde 2013-02-15 18


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I looked at your photos first before reading how you got such superb shots of very difficult subjects to photograph. You obviously went to extreme measures to acheie outstanding results.

brattcat said...

these are as amazing as your butterflies.

Ann said...

I think you have yourself an entry for SEEN 2013 - these are fantastic captures!

Memphis MOJO said...

Amazing shots for a difficult subject.

TheChieftess said...

Wow!!! Fabulous shots of these hummingbirds!!!

William Kendall said...

Amazing shots, and fortunately the camera speed can keep up.

I've liked seeing them in the summer. They're very anti social with their own species... very aggressive. Any bigger, and they'd be a problem. Amazing bird in flight.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

You must be so pleased with these shots Bob, I would be thrilled. What exquisite little creatures,their colours are too beautiful.

Jilly said...

Bob, thanks for visiting Menton - I had no idea of this trip as my exhibition is Gorbio is taking up time and my goodness what a feast of gorgeous photos. These of the hummings birds are stunning. Beautiful beautiful work.

Tamera said...

That last one is especially gorgeous.