Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dinner And A Show

Folk Dancers At Capitan Suizo 3

We went to dinner last night at a hotel just down the road, Capitan Suizo. The rocky island just offshore is called El Capitan and the owner is Swiss (she bid us guten abend as we left). We ate there last year and thought the restaurant was terrific. Back again last night for their Friday night barbeque and Costa Rican folklore show. Very tasty, lots of fun.

And congratulations to Brittney and Pat from Midland, Texas, in Tamarindo on their honeymoon!

Folk Dancers At Capitan Suizo 2

Folk Dancers At Capitan Suizo 1

Dinner At Capitan Suizo 1

Brittny and Brian


William Kendall said...

Very dynamic energy in these pics, Bob. Wonderful slice of life images.

Birdman said...

Nice portrait here.

Jack said...

I love the smile on the face of the dancing woman in the first image, and, of course, the smiling faces of the happy honeymooners. Nice.