Sunday, August 12, 2012

Before Dark

Festival of Lanterns 3

The Missouri Botanical Garden is a wondrous place to visit on its own but the Lantern Festival has really drawn in the crowds. You can see the lanterns - more like very creative Chinese-themed sculptures with lights - during the day but it's just not the same. The garden has closed at 5 PM this summer, re-opening for the evening spectacular at 6. By the way, the show closes on August 19. Locals, you owe it to yourself to get over there quickly.

There are worthwhile sights at twilight. The photo above is part of a dragon set in the reflecting pool in front of the Climatron, seen in yesterday's second picture. Note that the scales are made of plates. Its whiskers are formed from cups, as we shall see soon.

First below, electrified glass and plastic waterlilies replace the real thing in a still lily pond.

Bottom, Buddha keeps watch over St. Louis at sunset. The town could use that for real. Any deity. Take your pick, but watch over us.

Watching The River

NEWS FLASH: a new show, [context]Texture opened in the main gallery of Art St. Louis last night. It features 52 works by St. Louis area artists reflecting the theme. Two of my photographs were accepted. I FINALLY SOLD SOMETHING, the picture on the left of a woman standing on the levee watching the Mississippi on a cold day. YIPPIE! I've been in a bunch of group shows over the last five years or so and never sold a thing. About time.

Festival of Lanterns 5

Festival of Lanterns 4


James Wei said...

This is a special day with all the peace and grace kept inside each lantern.

brattcat said...


Birdman said...

Fabulous lily. I agree. Quite a draw for the photographer.
btw Knew you'd be enticed step aboard The Eagle.

Jack said...

This would surely be an irresistible place to visit in St. Louis. All those plates!

Memphis MOJO said...

They had an orchid collection showing at MOBOT that I went to in March of 2011. It was late March and it snowed!!

William Kendall said...

I love the look of that first pic, particularly the sculpture at the right.

Jilly said...

Yippee and congratulations and as you say, about time. I love the photo you sold. Someone had the right idea. Well done, well deserved. Now to sell MORE!

Jilly said...

Love the Buddha in silhouette.

Virginia said...

WOW, I've been sleeping. These are just fab B.