Friday, February 17, 2012

Beatle Bob

Soulard Dog Parade 2012-02-12 26 (Beatle Bob 1)

Meet Beatle Bob, a St. Louis institution and our town's Number One rock music fan. He's at every performance that counts. According to the Wikipedia article about him:
He is known for his arrhythmic dance moves and Beatles-inspired "mop top" hairstyle and '60s attire. His constant presence and dancing is welcomed by some concertgoers and an aggravation to others, but even his detractors admit that his presence signals that one is seeing the best music event in town on that particular night. He has allegedly been to at least one live show every night since Christmas Eve 1996, and seen over 10,000 bands over the last decade.
A local musician described the St. Louis path to rock stardom this way:
You lose your virginity, you get your first paying gig, you make your first record and you have your first Beatle Bob appearance.
Bob even showed up at the dog parade. Here he is, on the balcony of a Soulard bar, playing air keyboard with some old guys (though still apparently younger than me). The man is irrepressible and an essential part of the local scene. Really good video about him here.

Soulard Dog Parade 2012-02-12 27 (Beatle Bob 2)


cieldequimper said...

So everything at the dog parade was ready for mardi gras... I'm always amazed when I see people who live their life through the prism of others' lives!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I just watched 9 mins of Beatle Bob, what I really liked about it was that everyone in St Louis loves him, that's so cool. He looks pretty good for someone who's been to a rock concert every night since 1996!! Maybe THAT'S the secret to staying young!! Great post Bob.

Bibi said...

I think he's just fine!

Stefan Jansson said...

He is a cool dude.

Olivier said...

un vrai sosie ;) superbe