Friday, February 3, 2012

Bikers For America

Veterans Parade 18

There were an awful lot of motorcycles at the veterans parade last weekend. Nearly all of them were Harley Davidsons, machines that have become a cult in this country. Think back to Peter Fonda in Easy Rider. There seems to be a certain style that goes with riding one, albeit with variations. Almost all the drivers wore black leather outer clothing. Some were well tailored and clean cut. Others looked tattered and tough, favoring bandanas tied around their heads and lots of facial hair.

Speaking of the Fonda family, look closely at the bottom picture. The patch on the rider's right hip says "Jane Fonda American Traitor Bitch." Sheesh, let it go. The Vietnam War was more than 40 years ago. And, um, people can sincerely hold different viewpoints, right?

Apologies for not leaving any comments yesterday. Long day at work (they all are) and then spent the evening doing something different. I am a participant in a long-term study of personality and its effects on aging at the psychology department at Washington University, one of the country's most prestigious centers of higher education. (Recall that I went to that other university across town.) Every year or two they have me over for three hours of interviews and testing. I hope I skew the bell shaped curve.

Veterans Parade 20

Veterans Parade 19


Kristy said...

I'm in that same study!! And I can tell you that I am definitely skewing the bell curve...

T. Becque said...

Like the bw. These photos have a lot of Americana to them - a certain feel - nicely done.

Shandi P said...

I wonder why putting things in black and white makes, upon first glance, the subject matter seem older... Is my brain seriously assuming because it's in black and white it's an old photograph? lol

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I wonder if the jacket the biker is wearing is forty years old Bob, he looks a bit like a mean old dude that would hold a grudge(gosh I hope he's not someone who reads your blog's grandad haha!!)Sounds like an interesting study your doing, interesting to see results down the line!