Tuesday, January 19, 2010

STL DPB On The Road: Badwater

Badwater, the lowest place in North America, 282 feet or 86 meters below sea level. It was our last stop on our visit to Death Valley. There is a spring bubbling extremely salty water to the surface. A plank walkway runs a short way from the parking lot to the caked salt flats, which seem to run on indefinitely. There's a metaphor here somewhere. And to add another layer, it rained for most of our drive from Furnace Creek to Las Vegas, the rarest occurrence here.

I'm writing this between flights at Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport on our way home. Back to sort of normal tomorrow although I'll probably post Death Valley material for a couple of days (no STL new material on hand). There are lots more good DV shots on my Flickr site here and U "R" Us' here.


Olivier said...

superbe b&w, on dirait des photos en surimpression avec le personnage qui bouge. superbe

Bibi said...

I like it when places are named for what they are, and Badwater is a perfect example. Great perspective in your photo.

brattcat said...

What a sweep you've captured here. Excellent image.

Virginia said...

This is a terrific shot B. The black figures just make it don't they! I'm going to get some coffee and stroll through the Flickr sites. I'll bet the prince got some nice ones too! :)

Luis Gomez said...

Beautiful in B/W!

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» remembers drinking some of that one night in college.
Had a Jim Beam label on it.
Baaaaaaad hangover.
No mas, Tomas!

Pierre said...

A great place to discover indeed. I guess that it's coolest in January than it was last summer :-)