Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ice Carving

I drove across the wide Missouri River yesterday to the the city of St. Charles. That's starting to get into the outer suburbs (ours go one endlessly), an area I rarely visit. There was an ice carving festival in the old riverside district, something different to shoot. This is an amazing craft: big power tools, all freehand, no do-overs. I liked the power with which the chain saws ripped into the big cold blocks. Got some good stuff that should last a few days.

On a different topic, thanks to my friend Kim of Seattle Daily Photo for pushing me into taking more iPhone photos. It's true: you can get very interesting, Holga-esque images so I tried some yesterday. I started a set for these and a few older ones on Flickr here. Also, I found a wonderful little book of iPhone photography on Amazon, The Best Camera Is The One That's With You. Worth checking out if you are interested in this sort of thing.


Bibi said...

Has Stihl contacted you yet for the rights to his photo? They could widen their sales to the field of art!

Let's see the result!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

This freaks me out a little bit, Robert. Makes me want to count my fingers to make sure none are missing. Think I'll take ten steps back to maintain a respectful distance from all that power.

cieldequimper said...

Okay, I don't have an i-phone, nor do I want one. Having said that, this is magical, I would have expected steel but ice... fantastic, are you going to show us some finished work?

Bob Crowe said...

Ciel - this is not an iPhone picture. I'll clarify this in the text. Check the link in the second paragraph for the iPhone pix.

brattcat said...

You take 'freezing time' to an entirely new dimension in this image. There is so much action here and yet you've captured it, click, one moment so that even the sound is frozen and embedded within this. Wonderful.

Virginia said...

I keep having flashbacks to wedding receptions with ice carved swans loaded down with boiled shrimp! :)
I can't wait to see more. THis is a great action shot.

PJ said...

Chain saws are a commonly used tool around our house. I'm hearing the rrrrrrrnnn rrrrrrnn rrrrrrnn sound in my head as I write. I'm with Bibi, I want to see the results too.

Stevenson Que said...

Very Good Photo! It's like an ad for this Chain Saw! It's clarityy gave it enough Drama to make me stare at it for seconds!

It's my very first time here at St. Louis Daily Photo. And What captured me the most is your Header Photo! As I saw the Arch I said"Wow!" Then I saw the man holding those Signs and I was like COOOOOLLL!!!

Hope you got enough Memory Cards! and wishing to see you on Cavite Daily Photo! Mabuhay from the Philippines!


Chuck Pefley said...

Cool! Very literally -:))

And the other images you made will indeed last a few days as long as you keep them on ice! -:)))