Sunday, October 19, 2008

STL DPB On The Road: Matsushima, Japan

On Sunday, we took a day trip by rail and boat from Sendai to Matsushima, a bit up the Pacific coast. It has sacred and historic Buddhist sites. They date from the early 17th century, when the great feudal lord Date Masamune took control of the region and allied himself with the Tokugawa shogunate. Masamune is a big deal around here. He sent a diplomatic mission to Spain and Italy via Mexico, which returned with European loot and a few Christian ideas, the latter of which were harshly suppressed.

These photos were taken in the temple grounds and gardens of Entsuin, built by Masamune's son, Date Tadamune, in memory of his father.

I may not have Internet access for the next four days while we are out in rural north Honshu. Sometime soon I'll get many more of these pix on Flickr.


Abraham Lincoln said...

This looks like my old rose.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Whoops. Forgot. I liked in Sendai from 1953 to 1956. A small town. I used to take a train to Matsushima and enjoyed myself there. The two hotels I liked, the Park Hotel is now burned down and the Kanko is not closed.

It used to be a beautiful place with a lot of oyster shells that smelled up the place.

Virginia said...

Abe I love the extra tidbits you added. I think it's neat that you have been to the same cities as S.T. Small world isn't it. These are beautiful. I am in awe of the rose buds. That's a fine lens ( and eye) you got there Mr. Crowe.

Kim said...

I was so imagining you in Saint Louis yesterday. I was listening to the radio announcer talking about the 100,000 people that turned out to hear Obama under the arch last night. The sound they transmitted seemed like a deafening roar of applause. I was imagining when I checked in to STLDP today that I'd have a visual to go with those sounds. Since I haven' checked in since the blessing of the pets photos, it wasn't on my radar that you were in Japan and would miss being there.
Good to read of you visiting Abe's long ago home away from home in present time. I remember him posting about a recent exhibit of his 1950s photos in Sendai. Perhaps you passed the adult versions of children he photographed or perhaps their children. Nice to hear the city is growing against the population trends elsewhere. These shots are lovely!
Seattle Daily Photo

Hilda said...

I love your Japan series! The things you notice are wonderful and your photography, as usual, is fantastic! Thank you for sharing your trip with us! I hope you get to a place with internet connection soon.

Stay safe and enjoy!

PJ said...

I know that I've been to Sendai and Matsushima but will have to look at a map to jog my memory. We lost all our photos in Hurricane Ivan, otherwise I could follow right along! I took scads of photos. I hope you and Mrs Strangtastes enjoy your stay in the country.

Virginia said...

OK! enough already!!!! How long are you going to be out of touch?? I don't like stopping by and seeing you're still out of touch!!!!!!! I have a hankering for an arch tomorrow but know that 's not in the cards. Maybe some tidbit soon? If I am patient I know you are going to BAM! knock my socks off with some fantastic photos. I await your return, master.