Friday, October 24, 2008

STL DPB On The Road: From Harugo-San to Niigata


We are on our way from the seclusion of Mt. Haguro to Niigata, a good size city on the Sea of Japan. Return to civilization! A real bed and Internet service! And there is a restaurant there called the Immigrant Café where they have a wide variety of western food. I want a burger! As much as this country fascinates me, I have never quite made peace with the food. Too many icky stinky fishy things, too many unrecognizable vegetables that taste like pickled cabbage gone bad. And sticky rice for breakfast. Eew.

In any event, I took this picture of Shinto priests performing a morning service before we left Mt. Haguro today. The next two days we’ll be on Sado Island in the Sea of Japan, which is really remote. No Internet, etc. Then back to Tokyo Monday on our way home.

I uploaded a group of Japan pictures to Flickr Friday night, Japan time. There’s a link on the left sidebar.


Virginia said...

I hear you about the food. I was afraid of that. I figured you would groove on the icky fishy stuff, hey you are Strangetastes after all. Hit that Immigrant Cafe and get a Whopper. Now if we had something called the "IMMIGRANT' Cafe around here, we'd be drummed out of town!

Snapper said...

I am loving your travelogue. Thank you ST!

PJ said...

I remember going to restaurants and finding plastic displays in the window of what they sold which I loved so I wouldn't feel lost trying to read the menu. I learned about shabu shabu, Mongolian BBQ, cutlets and more cutlets, a raw egg on sticky rice for breakfast, and being told, after putting soy sauce on my rice, "Don't ever do that again," by someone in a youth hostel. They were dead serious.

Sally said...

Hmmmm, I don't mind all that in limited doses - I know how you feel for extended periods. Rice always plays havoc with my blood sugar levels and soy sauce - very salty!
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