Saturday, October 4, 2008

Iron Chef, Or At Least Aluminum

Back at last weekend's Taste of St. Louis. There were cooking demonstrations and a Best Chef competition, sort of like Iron Chef. I don't think this contest was quite at the same level. You can only see half the sign, but this was sponsored by St. Louis Bread Company (Panera Bread in the rest of the country), ShadowyOne's corporate overlord, and the pompously named L'Ecole Culinare, an expensive, for-profit cooking school owned by Vatterott, a chain of trade and technical schools. The angled mirror thing is pretty cool, though.

WHAT'S ON TODAY: one of my co-workers ran off and got married in the Caribbean a couple of months ago. She and her husband are having a party at their home to celebrate with their friends. It's a tropical island theme. She asked me if I had any flowered shirts. Bluntly, no.

TOMORROW: Dancing In the Streets, Part 1, featuring a giant purple fake ostrich terrorizing the crowd.


Bibi said...

Hello! I have been a silent admirer of your recent photos. (Especially love the "mouse"/Catholic" one). I'll try to be back more often.

Thank you for visiting my blog, too. We're getting back to normal, little by little.

Antonia said...

Wonderful capture! Hopefully interesting ideas for special dishes!
Thank you for the birht day congratulations!

Virginia said...

Since I''m a Food Network junkie, I'd like to know what the two Aluminum Chefs concocted. In retrospect, I probably should have watched FN instead of the debate. My teeth are still clenched.

Bergson said...

Excellent this mirror tolearn the cooking