Thursday, March 5, 2015

Who Are These People?

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 35

I have no idea. We could ask Hap, or maybe check their FBI dossiers.                                   

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 33

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 25

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 31

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 29

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Legend Of The Jackalope

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 1 (Jackalope)

Half jackrabbit, half antelope, all mystery. I was introduced to the legend of the jackalope by an old friend in Seattle. Studies indicate that it is native to the western United States. Some claim to have seen it. Some of them were clean and sober.

There was a shrine to the enigmatic animal in the Tiny Totem parade. Not exactly the Great Temple of Rameses II at Abu Simbel but a suitable honor. All hail. You could wear that bonnet in the last picture at the Easter Parade.                                

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 17

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 19

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 18

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 20

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Totem Pole

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 16

What are the tiny totems? Figments of the imagination, trifles and some damn wacky stuff. These are just some examples. I might bring around more if I'm hard up for material. The bottom one is radio controlled.

One of these pictures was my 10,000th image on Flickr.                          

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 14

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 21

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 4

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Tiny Totem Animal Pilgrimage To The Tick Tock Tavern

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 6

It's late winter. Everyone's senses are dulled. Beings need to be shaken out of their torpor. Who to call? Why, Artica, of course, Hap Phillips' and Nita Turnage's art-street theater-funhouse. 

The Articans organized a parade on Saturday, featuring the world's smallest and greatest parade floats. The idea, according to the event Facebook page, was to channel your inner totem animal, make it in a tiny size, put it in a tiny rolling cart and join the group as they made a sidewalk pilgrimage up Grand Boulevard and back to the Tick Tock Tavern.

These are a few shots of the marchers en route. More to come.                               

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 8

Tiny Totem 2015-02-28 5

Sunday, March 1, 2015

City Daily Photo Theme Day: Aging

Veterans Day Parade 2014-11-08 16

It's the first of the month and City Daily Photo's theme day topic is aging. I met this tough old guy while shooting a parade. He stopped me and asked about my big camera. I was happy to demonstrate, which allowed me to get this tight shot.

I don't think I'd want to play poker with him. 

View the effects of entropy interpreted by CDP members around the world here.                 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Grove Without Trees

The Grove 2015-02-21 1

Just outside of Forest Park on Manchester Avenue, the sign at the western end of The Grove district. Urban Chestnut brewery and restaurant is at bottom center. They make brew that tastes like an herb garden. Some people like that. There is no grove, as in grove of trees. The main street crossing Manchester is Tower Grove Avenue so the name is more of a marketing thing. Some people even call that intersection The Mangrove - Manchester and Tower Grove Avenues - get it? Ha. 

The most famous establishment at that intersection is Sweetie Pie's southern/soul food restaurant. The Oprah Network even has a reality TV show about it. New episodes start today!                             

Friday, February 27, 2015

Currier & Ives In The Midwest

Forest Park 2015-02-21 10

Looking west from the same golf course. The STL city limits are a short distance behind Skinker Boulevard, the street visible toward the bottom of the frame. Beyond is St. Louis County - suburbia - and the city of Clayton, Missouri. It's sort of a second, more sanitary downtown, newer, with the County's court system, awash with law firms, very expensive homes (by our standards) and pedestrian architecture.     

The scene reminded me a bit of Currier & Ives prints.