Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Vision Thing

Laumeier Sculpture Park 2014-07-20 7

The phrase was coined by someone else, but here it is, in your face, a mote in your eye bigger than your whole body. Tony Tasset's Eye is the must-have-a-snap sculpture for visitors to Laumeier Sculpture Park. However, it's something you need to think about for a while. The description on the park's website (click the link) is a bit of art babble. Better if you can sit by it and consider the associations that come from this disembodied organ, 12 feet / 3 2/3 meters in diameter. I think it's terribly creepy.                   

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dark Jurisprudence

Laumeier Sculpture Park 2014-07-20 6 (Scott and Plessy)

Dred Scott v. John F. A. Sandford, 60 U.S. 393 (1857).  Homer Plessy v. John Ferguson, 163 U.S. 537 (1896). Two of the worst decisions in the history of the United States Supreme Court. (There are those of us who think they are not through trying.) The first one ruled that people of African descent, whether slave or free, could not be citizens and therefore could not file suit in federal court. The second established the notorious "separate but equal" principle, legalizing institutional discrimination against black people, until it was repudiated by the Court in 1954. The details are too complex for this blog but you can read an excellent summary of the Scott case here and Plessy here. Together, they mark the worst of legalized racism in this country.

At Laumeier Sculpture Park, Scott and Plessy, depicted by identical style busts and pedestals, gaze at one another. Canadian (!) sculptor Ken Lum created The Space Between Scott and Plessy. Click the link to see for yourself.                     

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ernest Trova

Laumeier Sculpture Park 2014-07-20 1

I finally made it out to Laumeier Sculpture Park on Sunday afternoon. In 1968, a rich woman left her large suburban estate to St. Louis County for the benefit of the public. In the following years, it became one of the most important outdoor sculpture spaces in the United States. I didn't get through all of it but I shot a nice sample. 

We start with St. Louis' most famous sculptor, the late Ernest Trova. This is an example of his iconic image, Falling Man, with his pot belly and slight hunchback, armless, lurching through space to an uncertain future. Most versions are sleek with completely smooth surfaces. This one has an unusual variation, appearing to be wrapped in bandages or even mummified. And yet it continues to stride across the park. 

TOMORROW: can you make art about some of the worst decisions in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court?                            

Laumeier Sculpture Park 2014-07-20 2

Laumeier Sculpture Park 2014-07-20 3

Monday, July 21, 2014

Thou Shalt Not Pass

On Guard (South St Louis)

Guard cat. Bad kitty. Found on Connecticut Avenue just east of Grand on our way to dinner Saturday night.                        


Madeleine 2014-7-19 2

A member of the group didn't order Moroccan food but she seems very pleased with what she got.             

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Perfumed Rice

Jays' Asian Foods 1

Yesterday's planned shoot did not take place due to a variety of the usual factors, ranging from flat light to baby's nap times. Maybe another try today.

So Carolyn, Emily, Madeleine and I decided to go out to dinner at a new-ish Moroccan restaurant we've been wanting to try, Baida. (Capsule review: people - very nice. Decor - okay but rather spare. Food - eh. Go back - not soon.) It's on the strip of South Grand Boulevard lined with international eateries, leaning toward East Asian, Middle Eastern and North African, with a favorite old Italian place thrown in.

A fixture of the street is Jay International Foods, shown here with some shots through the front window. May your rice emit sweeter perfume than the Grand Boulevard bus.                        

Jays' Asian Foods 2

Saturday, July 19, 2014

If You Want To Put It That Way

Pridefest Parade 2014-06-29 9

Back to the Pridefest Parade for a day: le monde des femmes. And some guy who wants to hide his face.

There are plans for gathering new material today.


Pridefest Parade 2014-06-29 12

Pridefest Parade 2014-06-29 13

Friday, July 18, 2014


Chicago 2014-07-13

Free to pass this way, $2.25 to get back in. A few cities have no barriers on the transit system but passengers are subject to spot checks of their tickets. St. Louis and Berlin are examples. Most, however, are not so trusting, as shown here in Chicago.

Still scraping for material and probably won't get out to shoot new stuff until Saturday. I think this one is okay, though. It's got some urban rhythm.