Sunday, August 2, 2015


Yuppies Don't Float
Found in the old derelict industrial area south of the Arch park. My take is that it is meant to intimidate, the Mississippi River being close by.  

It reminded me of this 2012 photo, taken just a block or two away. I wonder if the same person or persons was involved.                      

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Runner In The Daisies

Path Through The Daiseys 2

Ain't got no bicycles so this will have to do. It is a running-cycling trail in Forest Park but no two-wheelers in sight. I like the lushness and color. Running through the daisies must be the next best thing to tiptoeing through the tulips. Anyone got a ukulele?                         

Path Through The Daiseys 1

Friday, July 31, 2015

After The Rain

After The Rain

Found in a quiet corner of Forest Park. Actually, the ground wasn't very wet but I thought the whole thing was quite strange. Is the parks department so hard up for warning cones that they are swiping them from other city agencies? And why is there a line of cones in a little-used area, leading to nowhere and nothing? Inquiring minds want to know.                    

Traffic Cones In The Woods

Thursday, July 30, 2015

St. Louis' Confederate Monument

Confederate Monument In Forest Park 3

There is a lot of controversy in this country about monuments to the Confederate States of America, the Southern rebels during our civil war. It boiled up again after the horrifying murders of black church-goers by a white racist in Charleston, South Carolina. That state has flown the Confederate battle flag in front of its capitol building for decades. It is a symbol of racism to many. South Carolina recently decided to move it down the street to a history museum.

We have an elaborate Confederate monument in Forest Park. I dislike the sculpture, with its swaggering Rhett Butler type striding before two cowering women. Read the text for yourself. The inscription in the bottom picture sounds like it was written by a forerunner of the Tea Party. There is an interesting history of the monument here.

There has been some talk about whether to remove or relocate this. No decision. I doubt anything will happen.                           

Confederate Monument In Forest Park 1

Confederate Monument In Forest Park 2

Confederate Monument In Forest Park 4

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Good Or Bad?

Mood (Locust and 20th Streets)

Absolutely no indication of what this place is other than what you see. Some kind of private club?  But there is a nightclub that's been around a long time right next door.

Never seen this before, not that I get by here that often. Found at Locust and 20th Streets.

Okay, it has a Facebook page. It describes itself as a dessert bar and lounge. Strange.                       

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I Walk The Line

Signs In The Street 2

How do you know your feet should be on this spot? You take the test below. But is it good enough that it's on the honor system with no police watching you?

Saw this on Washington Avenue in the Grand Center district. You could wait there a long time since taxis don't cruise in St. Louis. We're not dense enough. You have to call one and the response can be spotty. Looks like we're about to get Uber X here after a long fight. I like the service and use it frequently in Chicago.                       

Signs In The Street 1

Monday, July 27, 2015

Right In The Middle

Kranzberg Center 1

Kranzberg Arts Center, just south of the Fox Theatre. You never know what visual or performing arts you may find. My most memorable night there was when we heard Morton Subonick.                      

Kranzberg Center 2