Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Color Run 2014 7

There is a stage at the end of the Color Run where the participants gather. The organizers throw little packets of colored powder to the crowd. After a countdown, the runners toss them into the air. This is the result.

The crowd at this event was tiny compared to the past. Look at the number of people in the second picture - these were the participants at the end - and compare the mob there in 2012. The organizers ran one of these here in April. Maybe too often. Maybe a fad that is past its time. 

Color Run 2014 5

Color Run 2014 6

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Colorful Personalities

Color Run 2014 1

The Color Run must have taken place almost everywhere in the world by now, except maybe North Korea. I've shot it twice, both in 2012, in The Lou and Birmingham, AL (scroll down in the set). I'm sure it's a for-profit deal. People pay a significant fee to run 5 km while occasionally being pelted with brightly colored powder. They seem  to have a good time.

These are just some very stained faces in the crowd. More to come.

Color Run 2014 2

Color Run 2014 3

The Occasional Madeleine Photo

Madeleine At The Apple Store

 Baby's first visit to the Apple Store. She looks as befuddled as many of the customers. Taken on my iPhone, of course.

Monday, September 15, 2014

How It's Done

Paint Louis 2014 3 (Adam Sherman 1)

I took another swing by the Paint Louis flood wall yesterday afternoon and met Adam Sherman. He is one of the artists and was putting some finishing touches on a panel. I've never seen anyone working on wall painting so I stopped and introduced myself.

Sherman is part of a three-artist group called O-U-R, Operation Urban Renewal (Facebook page here). They don't paint in inappropriate places and deface property. Much of it is mural work done under contract.

How is the complex work put up on a wall? I may have some of this wrong (if so, Adam, please correct me). It starts with a drawing, which is then rendered with computer graphics. The color scheme is added in Photoshop. Then the whole design is printed on a grid, with each square representing a square foot of wall. The three of them work together to execute the finished product. They use special German spray paint. It costs three times what you pay in the local hardware store.

The whole work is shown in the last picture. Pretty cool.

Paint Louis 2014 5 (Adam Sherman 3)

Paint Louis 2014 4 (Adam Sherman 2)

Paint Louis 2014 6

Paint Louis 2014 7

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Things You Miss When You Visit France

Paint Louis 2014 1

Paint Louis took place two weekends while we were wandering around Provence. It's the annual re-decoration of a section of the Mississippi River flood wall by graffiti and street artists. It would have been fun to photograph it in progress but, hey, we were having lunch at Nathalie's near Beaumes de Venise. I had time for just a brief swing by yesterday. These examples announce the event. More later.                      

Paint Louis 2014 2

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Most Beautiful Village In France

Gorbio 2014-08-28 9

Well, it's not like I've seem all of them but Gorbio has to be a serious competitor. Just a few hundred people in the town proper. Everyone knows everyone. The huge old tree in the center has been there for centuries. There is an informal cafe, a fine restaurant, a church and a post office. If there is a food shop I didn't see it. You just have to go 7.4 km / 4.5 miles down the mountain road to Menton but  you try driving that slalom course.

Our colleague Jilly, who does Menton Daily Photo, actually lives just down the mountain from Gorbio. She is the village's de facto photographer. Look over her blog for wonderful examples.

Back to STL posts soon. We may get to the Cardinals game tonight. The Color Run is Sunday morning.  There are many more pictures from France to edit. I'll mention it as they go up on Flickr.

Gorbio 2014-08-28 10

Gorbio 2014-08-28 11

Gorbio 2014-08-28 13

Gorbio 2014-08-28 14

Gorbio 2014-08-28 12

Gorbio 2014-08-28 15

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wouldn't It Be Nice

Nice 2014-08-27 19

There's nothing quite like it in the US. I love the French custom of row after row of restaurants with outdoor seating, squeezed into old, narrow streets. It's just ideal for people watching and photo sniping, like here in the Old City of Nice.

Nice 2014-08-27 20