Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday Arch Series

Gun Rally 2014-10-25 7

The gun guys and gals proceeded to the Arch after their rally in Citygarden. The monument and its grounds are a national park. I thought you couldn't bring firearms into a national park without special permission. I was wrong.

Notice the young mother with a toddler in a stroller in the third picture. The mom was packing, as you can see in the last photo. (Nice handle decor. I thought we got past that 150 years ago.) Note also that the child is holding a toy gun, one of those Nerf models that shoots foam plugs. Nice touch.

I'm finished with this.                 

Gun Rally 2014-10-25 8

Gun Rally 2014-10-25 6

Gun Rally 2014-10-25 9

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

No Guns

Anti-Gun Rally 2014-10-25 4

The counter-demonstration at the gun rally had a bigger turnout than the pistol packers. Most but not all of them seemed a bit shy. (Would you be shy if you had a semi-automatic rifle slung over your back?) It was interesting, though, that many of the gun owners engaged their opponents in conversation. No one was yelling, although I doubt anyone was converted.

The well-armed crowd had the right to do what they were doing in the great State of Missouri. Whether it was a good idea is another question entirely.               

Anti-Gun Rally 2014-10-25 2

Anti-Gun Rally 2014-10-25 9-2

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gun Violence

Anti-Gun Rally 2014-10-25 1 BW

There was an anti-gun counter demonstration in Citygarden on Saturday. More were on that side, seeded with of people from a regional Amnesty International conference going on nearby. Other demonstrors marked the walkways with body outlines of the kind used by investigators at homicide scenes. They represented unarmed people killed by gunfire from police. 

In the last picture, the statue of Pinocchio raises his arms to the sky and asks the gods why.                    

Anti-Gun Rally 2014-10-25 5 BW

Anti-Gun Rally 2014-10-25 7 BW

Anti-Gun Rally 2014-10-25 3 BW

Anti-Gun Rally 2014-10-25 8 BW

Pinocchio Asks The Gods Why

Monday, October 27, 2014

Madeleine Monday

Madeleine 2014-10-24 1

We haven't had moppet Monday for a while, so let's take a break from armaments. My son-in-law is executive chef at a country club and the hours are long, even at this time of the year. Remarkably, he was off on Friday so we babysat, giving him and our daughter a chance for a night out.

Daddy got her this tee shirt and an electronic Halloween toy. She's a wild child.                   

Madeleine 2014-10-24 3

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Happiness Is A Warm Gun

Gun Rally 2014-10-25 1

Automatic weapons. On the street. In downtown St. Louis. Do you remember the Beatles' song Happiness Is a Warm Gun, with John Lennon's goat bleat of a voice crying bang bang shoot shoot? We all remember how John Lennon died.

There was a gun rights demonstration yesterday that began in Citygarden, surrounded by art. According to the event's Facebook page (taken down by the time of this writing) the purpose was “to raise awareness of the right to keep and bear arms under the Federal and Missouri State Constitutions.” Children were welcome but, as the FB page put it, "unarmed, of course."

You can carry a concealed weapon in this state if you have a permit. That's so in a lot if not most of America. Apparently you can carry it right out on your hip. And you can openly carry an assault rifle down Market Street.

There was a counter-demonstration. We will see more of this.                

Gun Rally 2014-10-25 2

Gun Rally 2014-10-25 3

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Usual Stuff For The Season

Forest Park 2014-10-18 3

We rarely get the spectacular autumns Americans associate with New England or maybe Minnesota and Wisconsin. It's going to be 79F/26C today and that's just not cold enough. These pictures were taken in Forest Park last weekend. Good enough for us.

I decided not to go to the pumpkin drop this morning. It's almost an hour drive from home. The pictures from previous years don't look so great - a couple of World War II military planes  dumping little orange spots. There's more to photograph later in the day. Plus, Mrs. C and I babysat Madeleine last night so our daughter and her husband could get out by themselves. It goes without saying I brought my camera. 

Midday update: the family fact-checker, proofreader and editor has informed me that temperature is not the only factor with the leaves changing color. It's also the declining length of the days. Apparently, when there is less sunlight photosynthesis shuts off. When the green chloroplasts in the leaves are gone the color of the structure of the leaves comes out. Now I know.
Forest Park 2014-10-18 1

Forest Park 2014-10-18 2

Friday, October 24, 2014

What A Great Gig

10,000 Birds 25

Anyone with an interest in the auditory arts would envy the members of Alarm Will Sound. They get to play all this cool new stuff. They live in New York (you may or may not think that's a plus but, as a native of that city, the idea tugs at me). They hang out with all sorts of cool people and they do a residency in St. Louis every year. But I suppose you have to know how to read music and actually play an instrument, be cool yourself and probably know somebody on the inside. I took violin lessons in Brooklyn for five or six years but was absolutely hopeless, devoid of physical talent. Then I emigrated from New York. I wouldn't qualify.

There are more pix from this event on Flickr here but I think I'll wrap it up on the blog. Don't know what I'll post tomorrow. Saturday has a lot of photo ops, though. In the morning there is an event at an air strip on the edge of the metro area where some people will be dumping pumpkins out of airplanes. How could you pass that up but how could you capture it? In the afternoon there is a parade or demonstration downtown by gun nuts (there, I said it) promoting what's called open carry, wandering around the city with your rifle or sidearm in plain view. Just might have to, ahem, shoot that one. And the evening has the insane annual outdoor Halloween party in the Central West End. It's horrifically crowded but there's so much eye candy.

We'll see. We always see.              

10,000 Birds 26

10,000 Birds 24

10,000 Birds18