Thursday, January 12, 2023



A view through one of the gates of Tower Grove Park. The church across Grand Boulevard is where Mrs. C and I were married plus or minus 49 years ago. We put it on ourselves and didn't ask our parents for help so it was small. My brother and I wore absurd yellow and black tuxes that made us look like bumblebees. She shared a bit of her Valium prescription, for which I was grateful. I found a keyboard transcription of the first movement of Bach's Third Brandenburg Concerto that I wanted to use as a recessional. The organist butchered it. But after that things worked out pretty well.           


Stefan Jansson said...

Never tried valium. Nice bit of personal history. Oh, and I see a blue sky, I remember those.

William Kendall said...

A lovely church.

Barbara Rogers said...

A good small churcch. Oh my, the tuxes made me chuckle. Hope you've turned all your wedding photos to B&W!