Monday, January 10, 2022


It's the beginning of eagle season in our area. Bald eagles who live along the upper Mississippi lose their access to fish when the river freezes over. Many come to an area a little north of the city where the river rarely freezes and barge traffic around the last two locks and dams keeps things churned up. (The change in elevation from here to the Gulf of Mexico is so gradual that there are no further locks  and dams.)

Yesterday was sunny and not too cold so Mrs. C and I went out for a look. We know the usual spots but there wasn't much to see. It's possible that it hasn't been cold enough for long enough yet. We found this one lonely bird just hanging out in a tree along the shore.                


Stefan Jansson said...

I know bird photographers that stay out in the wilderness for several days to get a photo.

Barbara Rogers said...

I remember going to Pier Marquette park to see the eagles when I lived there in (ahem) the 50s-60s.

William Kendall said...

A beauty.

RedPat said...

I would love to see one.
There was a short show on PBS here today about St Louis and it was done really well. They spent a lot of time at the City Museum and traveled around to various neighbourhoods visiting restaurants and a brewery too.