Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Faces Of Statues In The Rain: Geppetto

Might as well show the other half of the Kindly Geppetto today. Both faces are so impassive. This character is holding a big hammer or mallet in its left hand, apparently about to whack that circular knob of Pinocchio's head. Kindly indeed.

Blogger stats indicate that this blog has just reached one million total views. It's been up a lot in recent months. No idea why. Maybe after 3,534 posts, many of them with multiple pictures, there are enough images to be picked up by searches more often.                  


Sharon said...

He's looking a little sad in this shot. Maybe some sweat mixed with tears.
Congrats on the million views mark. I haven't even looked at my stats in ages so I think I'll go check that out.

William Kendall said...

Bravo on that milestone!

The angle gives this an abstract sort of look.