Friday, October 9, 2015

The Playoffs

Cardinals Hats

Our beloved St. Louis Cardinals start their first round of the playoffs tonight against our chief enemy, the Chicago  Cubs.  The Cards finished the season with the best record in Major League Baseball. The Cubbies have suffered many years of pathos, last winning the championship 107 years ago. But they have been transformed and had a terrific season, finishing just behind the Cardinals. It's going to be a fierce series.

I wish I could be at the stadium tonight, if only to photograph the crazy pre-game rally. However, Mrs. C and I are traveling to Chicago to meet our new granddaughter, Audrey. Should I bring a red hat?                        


William Kendall said...

Yes, bring a red hat!

I look forward to the bitter tears on the faces of Cubs fans when they see their boys lose.

Birdman said...

Hope the Redbirds beat the cubbies into submission. Like to see a Cards vs Jays WS. Of course, I'd bring the hat just to piss off any Windy City fans I'd see. I'd stay away from bars though. hahahaha

Jack said...

I am watching the game tonight and John Lackey was just removed despite pitching a shutout. (John Lester is nearly as good.) The Red Sox did a bad job with both of these guys. Lester should have been re-signed when they had the chance, and Lackey needed a manager or coach to keep him focused.

Shammickite said...

I'm a Jays fan.... waiting for game 3 with fingers and toes crossed.