Sunday, May 31, 2015

Visitor To The Gateway Geyser

Gateway Geyser Visitor

The Gateway Geyser has been on the blog a few times. (Some older pictures here and here.) It's the giant water jet across from the Arch in East St. Louis, Illinois, that pops up exactly as high as the Arch itself (633 feet/192 meters) if the wind isn't too high. You can see what happens if it's gusty.

This was taken under the Arch, on top of the stairs down to the Mississippi. The picture would have been okay but then this brilliant bird photobombed my shot.

That contraption on the left looks like part of a chemical plant. It's actually the suction/blower mechanism that takes grain from river barges back and forth to a big set of storage elevators off to the left of the frame.                                             


Stefan Jansson said...

Looks good in black and white.

Content-aware in PS would remove that bird.

s.c said...

Just the different elements makes this photo. I like it.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

It's an impressive geyser Bob, here and in the past shots.. Pesky birds, you'd think they owned the sky :)

Sharon said...

I love the geyser and this photo is perfect in black and white.....bird and all.

Birdman said...

It works either way. I thought it was a UFO.

William Kendall said...

Photobombing the shot like that actually works rather well. There's one of these set up across the Ottawa River at the casino on the Quebec side.