Saturday, May 23, 2015

Two wheels, Two Cylinders, Fast

St  Louis Swap Meet 2015-05-17 15

There was a motorcycle workshop, to use the term loosely, around the corner from the old car we saw yesterday. You could say that hot rod bikes were being built. These are two different vehicles. You shouldn't put a limb into the wheel of a motorcycle in general but you really shouldn't try it with the one in the top picture. Born to be wild, I guess.

Big night in The Lou later, the season opener of Opera Theatre of St. Louis. It's a unique experience and pure delight. First up is the ever-popular Barber of Seville. We'll be there.

(It's worth clicking the links today.)                           

St  Louis Swap Meet 2015-05-17 14


Stefan Jansson said...

A very unusual design.

William Kendall said...

Great detail shots! Enjoy the concert!

Lynette said...

Poor Alfalfa. Thanks for both links, Bob. I'll be y'all enjoyed the opera!

Jack said...

Well done, Bob. These look good in B+W.