Monday, March 10, 2014

At The Orchid Show

2014 Orchid Show 3

February and March brings the orchid show to the Missouri Botanical Garden. I usually go with my camera. As the years pass it feels like I'm going to shoot the same thing at the same place, yet every year there are discoveries. I'll run with this for a few days.                                

2014 Orchid Show 10

Madeleine Monday

Madeleine and Lobster 1

My son-in-law, Brian, is a professional chef (and a very good one). Looks like there was an extra lobster in the kitchen on a recent night, so home it went to the family. Does Madeleine think it's a new toy? Does Gizmo the cat share that idea or wonder it is its dinner? iPhone shots by daughter Emily, buffed up in Photoshop by me.                       

Madeleine and Lobster 2


cieldequimper said...

Pretty orchids. The Madeleine shots I saw on FB yesterday are priceless! :-)

Jilly said...

Beautiful shots of the orchids, Bob. I didn't find time to go to the annual orchid show in Menton this year (same time as the Fete du Citron) and always there are marvellous photo opportunities there. I love yours. And of course adore the photos of your granddaughter + lobster + cat!

Olivier said...

on sent que Madelein est inquiete que le chat lui vole son 4 heures ;))
tres belles photos

s.c said...

Nice macro shots. The shots of your daughter looks a bit like film stills from a science fiction movie. What a contrast but with great fun. said...

It is intriguing to wonder what an infant is thinking. I read recently that at Yale they have done experiments that have revealed that children as young as 4 months old have a sense of right and wrong. They will select food from nice puppets rather than puppets they have watched being mean to other puppets, even when the mean puppets offer them more treats than the nice puppets.

Luis Gomez said...

Great set of fun shots Bob.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful orchids!

Gizmo knows there's food in that hideous looking contraption (not a fan of seafood, what can I say?)... and Madeleine seems curious about Gizmo!

Jack said...

Your second orchid photo is perfect. As is Miss M.

TheChieftess said...

Love that top shot...gorgeous!!!
Careful though...Madeline's taste in food is going to be quite expensive!!!