Sunday, January 27, 2013

Poke In The Eye

Ice Carving in St Charles 2013-01-26 1 (Poke In The Eye)

There was an ice carving festival in the outer suburb of St. Charles yesterday. Not an ice festival like last week's in University City, where some small and simpler ice sculptures pulled people into restaurants and bars on a winter day. This was the real deal, expert craftsmen making big frozen treats. The sculptor here is drilling a pupil into a figure's eye. Ouch!

And speaking of which. while reviewing these pictures I noticed that none of the artists wore eye  protection. Bad example for the kids.


6 comments: said...

You are right about the importance of eye protection for work such as this.

Birdman said...

We had our annual Ice Bar last night in the city.

About your comment about eye protection--- "Thanks Dad!"

Lynette said...

Bob, this must have been an interesting event to witness, much less photograph. I agree about the eye protection.

About the Bank of California building posts and blowback, I have no knowledge of current existence of said bank here in Portland. It might have a new name, for all I know. It's the original name of this beautiful building, so I stick with it. And since it's known on the back of the photo as "old," I'm assuming that at some point there was a newer Bank of California. If I ever get into finding out about it and can take a photo or two, I'll be posting about that building--someday.

William Kendall said...

Next weekend here is the first weekend of Winterlude. Ice carvers come in and go to work on sculptures that weekend. It's amazing to watch them work, and particularly some of the tools they use.

Jack said...

Ephemeral art like this is pretty cool. In Florida, the equivalent is sand sculpture.

You are right about eye protection.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Ice art is really intense, you just have to make the mist of it because its only there for such a short time. You're right Bob, a shard of ice could be nasty in the eye!