Saturday, January 14, 2012

STL DPB On The Road: In The Mojave Desert

Mojave Desert 1 (Sand Dunes)

The Internet service in our room doesn't work so this is going up late (I'm at the Starbucks of the Luxor Hotel right now). We have not slept in the pyramid yet because the place was packed when we got in late Thursday night and there were no good rooms left. They will move us today. And, just to keep complaning, one of my camera bodies wasn't working yesterday but I cleaned the battery contacts and it seems okay now.

We drove south yesterday into California to visit Mojave National Preserve. Gotta get on the road for Death Valley now so just a few scenes. More to come.

Mojave Desert 2 (Wilderness Boundary)

Mojave Desert 3 (Objects In Mirror)


Bibi said...

I love the desert....these shots make me long for my California trip last year.

And I'm sure you know the Gary Larson cartoon you can see right here. Scroll down to number 5.... :<)

Stefan Jansson said...

Death Valley sounds like fun.

cieldequimper said...

Keep 'em coming and enjoy!

Jack said...

Toto, you're not in Missouri any more.

brattcat said...

it's fantastic going on this adventure with you! thanks.