Monday, October 11, 2010

Pedal The Cause: Kickoff Party

PTC Kickoff 4

Meet Kwesi Prince, brain cancer survivor. He and his family attended the Friday night dinner and kickoff party of Pedal The Cure. Kwesi was treated at St. Louis Children's Hospital and he's doing fine now. People like him are what the event is all about.

It was a pretty good party. You could get your bicycle tuned or your your music mixed. You could see Tour de France cyclist Christian Vande Velde talk to a local TV news reporter or have him sign your bike jersey. You could watch the gaggle of teenagers in the ride sway between adolescent goofiness and decorum. Everyone had a good time, including the photographer.

In response to yesterday's post, a couple of commenters suggested I ride next year, maybe the 60 mile route. Well, the last time I rode a bicycle i needed a steroid shot in my knee. That is so not going to happen.

PTC Kickoff Composite

PTC Kickoff 7

PTC Kickoff 5 Christian Vande Velde)


cieldequimper said...

Someone looks very proprietorial... said...

This is heartwarming. Thank you for some good news.

Olivier said...

des superbes portraits, surtout celui à gauche du triptyque , j'adore son expression ;o)

Steffe said...

Sure looks like super event. Good to hear the story about young Kwesi Prince.

brattcat said...

What wonderful moments you've captured and shared here. Take care of those knees!

Virginia said...

Kwesi is the star today for sure but you captured the spirit of the event with all your shots. Love the bike tuning dude!