Saturday, October 2, 2010

Holy &^$@!, There's A Lot To Shoot Around Here

Oct 1 2010 in STL
Some people on the coasts think this is dullsville, flyover country. 'Taint so. There is so much to shoot between now and next weekend I don't know how I'll manage. Taste of St. Louis and the St. Louis Scottish Games started last night. Late Sunday afternoon is the annual blessing of the animals at Christ Church Cathedral. Tuesday night is the How Sweet The Sound church choir competition where I've got a backstage pass. Next Friday Night and Saturday is the Pedal For A Cure, a long, long bike ride to raise funds for cancer research. I'm the volunteer photographer. And next weekend is our small but very enthusiastic Oktoberfest. I should remember this in January when the city is in a frozen sleep.

Some early images: Above, someone representing Hank's Cheese Cake, light as angel's wings, at the Taste, next to a vendor at the Scottish Festival.

Below, ladies dispensing STL's favorite beverage at the Taste. The woman on the right reminds me of Manet's Bar at the Folies Bergères.

Bottom, the Calling of the Clans at the Scottish Games. The speeches were all something like We fought with Robert the Bruce at the battle of somethingorother and carried his heart home in sadness but Scotsmen and women will never submit to tyrrany so love us if you will and hate us if you must but the Mac Gregors are here! Or words to that effect.

Lots more to come.

Taste of St Louis 1

Scottish Games 1


Virginia said...

Pricey wine in a plastic cup, and I'm still stumped on the connection with Manet! :)

Rock on B. I am traing all week end and my coffers are bare. Sigh.

Julie said...

such interesting images.

U "R" Us said...

It does indeed look like a photo-fruitful time in Tha Lou!

PS Gave you a big mention on the Astek blog today.

Anonymous said...

Nah... that was wine by the bottle. Looks like Yellow Tail.

Now, the BUD is overpriced! Hope this doesn't indicate a trend. (Still $4 a cup at Strassenfest this weekend.)

The Manet connection works if you move the camera angle 45 degrees. Sort of. --anonymous rick