Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Darkness

Halloween has become such a big deal in the U.S. and I've heard the marketeers are spreading it to Europe. When I was a kid in NYC we would throw together a crude Frankenstein get-up and go around our apartment building mooching candy, without any parents keeping watch. One development of recent years are big commercial haunted houses, where you can wander through dim corridors and have high-tech spooks threaten you with chainsaws and axes. Some fundamentalist Christian churches in this country have opened religious haunted houses, trying to scare the youth straight with terrifying scenes of eternal damnation. Whether this is good for mental health has been questioned. There is an interesting discussion of religious Halloween terror here. Also, check this fascinating documentary film on the phenomenon, Hell House.

The biggest haunted house in St. Louis is The Darkness. Click What's New on their home page to see some pictures of the show.

I don't get into Halloween. The world is scary enough as is. Do you participate in Halloween and, if so, what do you do? What does your community do about Halloween?

MONDAY THROUGH WEDNESDAY: The Halloween theme continues

NEWS FLASH: the gracious Karine from Buenos Aires has done me the honor of using one of my pictures of her city on her blog today. Check it out here.


Poly said...

Something similar place is in Mexico city, I cant go yet, but I will.

The Sexy woman in bronze is in a Fashion school.


Thank you for your comment on my photo blog.
Halloween business is decreasing in France till 3 years...less children are coming in the house ...there is less things about it to sell in the shops...This is nearly the end of Hallowen in France.

Olivier said...

Impressionnant, une maison a visite que la nuit ;o). Halloween ne marche plus trop en France.

Impressive, a house visit that night ;O). Halloween no longer works in France too.