Saturday, October 6, 2007

Roller Derby!

Roller derby is an American original. People skate around an oval track, trying to pass and block one another. It gets rough. Roller derby was popular in the 50s and 60s, The sport faded but came back strong in recent years. When I was a kid there were separate competitions for men and women. Now it's women only and they are tough.

Our city's funky Soulard neighborhood has its own little Oktoberfest going this weekend. One of Friday night's features was an exhibition by our home town heroines, the St. Louis Arch Rivals. The fast action was hard to shoot outdoors after sunset but it was a great show. Gotta get to one of their regular games. Also had a long talk with Dan here on the right, who describes himself as the team mascot. Really interesting guy. And who wouldn't want such fine mistresses?

By the way, I'm going to dump the daily poll but not do away with the idea altogether. It's a tough job to come up with something clever every day - there's only so much water in that well - and it clutters up the sidebar, too. I think I'll do one a week. Comments welcome.

TOMORROW: Marathon Man


Anonymous said...

Wow, from dance to roller derby in one week! I love taking low-light photos, but my current little digital point and shoot doesn't handle it well!

I take too many pictures for film to be affordable, too. Can't wait for that dSLR!

I enjoy your pictures every day!

Ming the Merciless said...

I always ask a question at the end of my post, just to get a conversation going but there are days when I am at my wits end trying to find a good question to ask. So I TOTALLY understand you effort to post a poll question.

Steve Cuddihy said...

Awesome capture. I've never seen roller derby in person before, but we do have a team in town. one of these days I shall make a visit.

Adamantine said...

I'm agree with you, light is everything, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the demo bout, we had a blast! Hope to see you at one of the upcoming bouts!
EnYa Nightmare

Anonymous said...

Movement and action nicely captured. Do you normally shoot in RAW?

Thanks for your recent comments at South Shields Daily Photo