Saturday, October 30, 2010

Signs Of Winter

Pool Closed 2

One of the nicer things about Citygarden (and there are a lot of nice things) is that they let children splash around in all of its waterways. We haven't had a freeze yet and the water is still flowing but the authorities have decided to kick the kiddos out. Not all of them pay attention.

Apologies once again for few/no comments. Very long day at work yesterday. Had to get a post up for today and then desperately finishing the process of selecting and editing my entries for Seen 2010, STL's big year-end photo competition and show. I did pretty well last year and the deadline for entries is this weekend!

Pool Closed 1

Citygarden 10-24-2010

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Virginia said...

These are great and just for the record, j'adore Citygarden and I haven't even been there.........yet!

Left you a comment on my blog.