Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Missouri: Vote No On Proposition A

No On Prop A Rally 1

Next Tuesday is election day in the US. The prospects are good that the Republicans will retake control of the House of Representatives (the horror... the horror...). Far under the national radar, we have an important state proposition here in Missouri.

Since the 50's, the City of St. Louis has had a 1% earnings tax. Kansas City has it, too. Proposition A on next week's ballot would require a referendum on the tax by the two cities voters now and every five years thereafter, bypassing the normal legislative process. It would prohibit any other municipality in the state enacting such a tax. A rally in opposition was held in Kiener Plaza last night.

The effort to bring it down comes from very wealthy and very conservative interests, notably one Rex Sinquefield. His eventual goal is to repeal the state's modest income tax and replace it with a higher sales tax, which, of course, hits working people and the poor harder than prosperous citizens. Sinquefield has apparently contributed $12 million to this measure. It's on the ballot state-wide, even though it only affects the two major cities. I'm never seen a picture of Mr. Sinquefield but I get a mental image of Mr. Burns from The Simpsons.

Our suburbs get the largest part of their revenue from real estate taxes. The city doesn't have that kind of tax base. The earnings tax provides one-third of St. Louis' income. Supporters of Prop A offer no alternative. Repealing it would cause disastrous cuts in city services or huge increases in sales and real estate taxes.

I have worked in downtown St. Louis for 36 years and I gladly pay my 1%. It keeps my community alive.
Missourians, help preserve our two major cities. If they go in the tank the rest of the state goes with them. Vote NO on Proposition A next Tuesday.

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No On Prop A Rally 2

No On Prop A Rally 3


Olivier said...

les prochaines elections vont etre dur pour Obama, on peut esperer qu'il garde la majorité. beau reportage photo

brattcat said...

Oh, I am not looking forward to the day after.

Virginia said...

It's the same everywhere isn't it. I swear!!!!

Nathalie said...

Thanks for taking the time to explain the issue here. I hope these people are heard.

As for the major election issue - damn it, things don't look good!

Anonymous said...

Proposition A must not win, our city is being threatened right under our noses! Let the voters decide...decide if they will pay high real estate taxes/loose services or still pay 1% of their earnings. You should decide as a voter tuesday. This referrendum is BS.