Monday, October 18, 2010

Can Your Dog Do This?

Dog On A Ladder

I didn't know dogs could climb ladders. Maybe they just have to be of a certain length. This was going on in the back lot, so to speak, behind Artica. There is an abandoned industrial building where some of the prep work for the festival took place. You can see a bit of in on the right side of the bottom picture in last Wednesday's post. Anyway, I thought this was a pretty good dog trick.

The relatively new owner of the building is an acquaintance of mine. There is a new bridge across the Mississippi under construction nearby. The owner hopes that, when completed, it will bring the traffic needed to rehabilitate the area. Best of luck, Mark.


Steffe said...

I don't have a dog, but I'm sure that my neighbours very photogenic dog Benny never would be able to do this.

Olivier said...

belle prise, je sais pas si c'est tres naturel pour un chien, mais pourquoi pas. j'espere que ce quartier sera renove grace au nouveau pont

brattcat said...

Good dog. Good luck, Mark!

Virginia said...

Here's hoping Mark can get that place in some kind of shape! That talented pooch got a treat I hope.

Jilly said...

What a super shot! Small dogs can sometimes climb ladders - poodles and terriers in particular. At circuses, when you see a dog act, they use ladders. My dogs - no chance!

T. Becque said...

No, mine would bypass the ladder and just jump in a happy frenzy.