Friday, October 15, 2010

Artica: Everybody Loves A Parade

Artica 32

Well, almost. Late Sunday afternoon the Articans staged a parade near the Mississippi, ending on the levee leading into the river itself. It was lead by the rhythm of the St. Louis Drum Line. One of the leaders mentioned that there was no parade permit so, if the cops come by, be cool and pretend you know what you're doing. In fact a couple of them did roll down the same street and just kept on going. There wasn't much of an audience - it was done for the fun of participation. Some spectators, though, were unimpressed.

Artica 30

Artica 29

Artica 33


cieldequimper said...

Those kids do look bored.
My favourite is the fuy right out of the 1930s in the first picture.

Olivier said...

en effet tout le monde aime les parades ;o) superbes photos, avec une préférence pour la troisième et le petit enfant et son tambour (du roi)

Virginia said...

The third one is priceless. His hat and little drum are really cute B. Yep you pulled the cute factor so smoothly today, that I'll bet some people didn't notice! HA

U "R" Us said...

I would have totally been there were it not C's bday last weekend. Happy to see you made it!

Carla said...

HI Robert, great pics of the parade, really gives you a feel for the atmosphere. Carla

Carraol said...

Great images of this parade, are the same kids in the first three pics? The third one is superb!