Friday, April 20, 2018

Really Bad Radio

I found this in the parking lot of Pere Marquette Lodge. There was a wedding and reception there on Saturday. Anyone could have been invited.

AM radio is in decline in the US. The sound quality has become really bad because of interference from mobile phones around the same radio frequencies. That means it is cheap to get a license outside of the biggest markets.

Never heard of KQQZ so I looked it up. Bi-state means Missouri and Illinois. From what's on its web site it seems appalling. Country music is fine, if that's what you like. (I've been to the Grand Ole Opry twice. Once I played fiddle on the wings of the stage during intermission but that's a long story.)   But from the looks of the car and the web site, well, say no more.

There is so much to shoot here this weekend. The Color Run is early Saturday morning, if I get my rear out on time. Saturday and Sunday bring both Earth Day in Forest Park and Chinese Culture Days at the botanical garden. My right index finger may need physical therapy by next week.


William Kendall said...

Very colourful!

I can't remember the last time I've turned on the radio. It's the incessant chatter of DJs that drove me away from it.

bill burke said...

I doubt this would ever be heard by my ears. I can only imagine what's on this station. :)