Sunday, July 27, 2008

Portraits of St. Louis Artists: Thomas Shepherd

Thomas Shepherd is a photographer who works with traditional prints, collage, silver gelatin prints and even prints on canvas. You can see some of his images here. We had a long talk about his work. I was loaded with digital gizmos and he shoots film. He had some small prints for sale that he shot with a cheap imported film camera with light leaks camera, not a Holga but apparently something similar. I bought a terrific image of a broad, curly-haired man's head, nothing below the chin, that seemed to be launched upward by the triangular peak of a house's roof. It felt good to talk shop with a professional photographer, take his portrait and not feel like a total poser.

WHAT I SAW TODAY: Up The Yangtze, a documentary about the human cost of the Three Gorges Dam. If you've been to China or just are interested in its explosive changes, go see it.
St. Louis artists portraits continue with Gary Passanise, painter.


Anonymous said...

Interesting post. I find his not switching to digital staggering. As someone who did the film bit for decades; to not use digital is unthinkable. There is no added merit in film. At least not for me.

Virginia said...

I'm with Abe on that one. I have to have immediate gratification ( or in most cases immediate disappointment!) and see my photos right away. I like the way you present Mr. Shepherd in BW. Good choice.
Would like to see the photo you bought. Take a picture of it for us!

Knoxville Girl said...

Yes, b&w is somehow appropriate for a photographer's portrait. I've heard it's not the quality of the camera, but the skill of the operator that creates a good photograph. You, sir, have a very good skill.

Jilly said...

Yet another great portrait - and presumably B and w to honour the sitter. Or is there another reason? It works anyway - and very well. What an expression he has.