Saturday, July 26, 2008

Portraits of St. Louis Artists: Stan Chisholm


Stan Chisholm's St. Louis studio is tiny, maybe 4 by 12 feet. Makes it a little tough to get enough space to set up a portrait but, hey, you play the hand of cards you are dealt. He spends most of the year at the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work is hard to characterize. He paints on canvas, wood panel or no parking signs, creates collages, designs clothing, makes prints and even decorates paper plates (amaze your dinner guests!). He's won a lot of awards and exhibited in many shows here and in Chicago (look at an example). You can check out many of his images (and his impressive resume) on his web site,

When I look at Chisholm's work, I see elements of cartoons, graffiti wall painting, dada and surrealism. Some stuff looks like the bizarre offspring of a Georgia O'Keefe cow skull and an ewok.

Once again, I am inviting St. Louis artists who would like to appear in this series to contact me. Click my profile to the left for an email link.

WHAT I'M GLANCING AT WHILE I WRITE THIS: Jon Stewart making fun of John McCain again on The Daily Show. Too easy.
TOMORROW: St. Louis artists portraits continue with Thomas Shepherd, photographer


Jilly said...

Another great portrait. What a relaxed, great looking guy. I really love the energy in his work - and like his website too.

And thanks for the Daily Show link. We get the International edition but not every day. Jon Stewart is brilliant on so many levels. And yes, as you say, too easy!

Virginia said...

Stan's great. I love the smaller photo best. The "I better straighten up and let this guy take my picture" pose. Jon Stewart is hilarious, a great way to start a rainy Saturday.

Naomi said...

Stan rocks! It's great to meet yet another artist who's innovative, sweet, & who isn't all about "me, me, me."

See the "Screwed In" video featuring Stan & 6 other cool STL artists on