Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Portraits of St. Louis Artists: Amy Thompson

This is as much an action shot as a portrait. Amy Thompson is a printmaker with an intense vision. She is also a craftswoman. In this picture she works at a manual press, full of wheels and levers and gears. The machine reminds me of the complex, non-electronic gizmos in Terry Gilliam's movie, Brazil. Thompson knows what to do with all this steel. She is developing a web site for her prints but take a look at her stunning photography on Flickr. Her pictures of China and Vietnam are fabulous. Note particularly the portrait Danny and the untitled photo here in the Vietnam set. I'd be proud to have takes pictures so good.

WHAT I MADE FOR DINNER LAST NIGHT: stir fry with yellow squash, eggplant (aubergine), chicken, carrot, portobello mushrooms, garlic, almonds and whatever herbs were lying around. I'm not much of a cook (and don't have to be in this family) but, hey, it was my night. Throw it in a wok and see what happens.

TOMORROW: St. Louis artists portraits continue with Danielle Spradley, printmaker.


Virginia said...

Would love to see her prints if her photography is that good. I like the portrait of the boatman in her China set. She's good!

Jilly said...

Really nice action shot. Thanks for the links. Amy's portrait of Danny is just superb. One you can look and look at and still get more.

Your dinner sounded good.

Anonymous said...

A mix of sadness and longing in her eyes. I'm sure she is just concentrating on her work, but your portrait of her makes me wonder what interesting story lives in those eyes. Also, Google the phrase "Steam Punk." Her manual print machine would be a perfect addition to any steam punk decor. PS: Wish you would drop by and make dinner for me - anything in a wok plus fresh vegetable and herbs is mouthwatering!

Olivier said...

j'aime ce portrait, l'artiste en plein travail (vendredi pour le thème du mois, je vais aussi un post sur un sculpteur en plein travail)

I like this portrait, the artist at work (Friday for this month's theme, I will also post a sculptor at work)

Harry Makertia said...

Glad to watch her working. Is that blood on her shirt? :)

sam said...
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