Monday, September 21, 2020


Watch out world, here I come.
We took Ellie and her new bike to Tower Grove Park for a workout.  It is usually quiet and has some long, fairly flat straightaways, perfect for her level (she hasn't learned the gearshift yet.) But under these conditions, can she fly!
Note the doll in the rear bike seat. Parents and grandparents in this country all know American Girl Dolls. They have their own special store in some cities, are horrifically expensive and have outfits and accessories that require a second mortgage to buy. Fortunately by now there are knock-off versions with decent quality and priced for those who drive Toyotas rather than Mercedes. That's what Ellie has. They all come with a card giving their names and characteristics. This is Alaine. We assume that she is Québécoise because her card says she likes poutine.

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William Kendall said...

The doll looks a wee bit alarmed. :)

Who can pass on poutine?