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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Variety Show

Shakespeare In The Park 2014-05-17 5

The green show before the performance of Henry IV was eclectic, as always. This one featured the high school kids seen yesterday playing spin the bard; some of their friends doing a twenty minute staged synopsis of the show; belly dancers; Japanese taiko drummers; plus Josh Routh of Circus Kaput and Juggling Jeff, seen here many times before, both separately and together. They will all stop by here.

The belly dancers tried to get the little girl in the pink jacket to swing and sway with them. She either didn't get it or wasn't having any. There's time.                              

Shakespeare In The Park 2014-05-17 6

Shakespeare In The Park 2014-05-17 7

Shakespeare In The Park 2014-05-17 8

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another Saturday Night In The Lou

Art St Louis Opening "Misperception" 1

There was an opening at Art St. Louis last night of a show called Misperception. Having weaseled my way onto the gallery wall, it was appropriate for me to show up.

The two women above were interesting. The one on the left had a piece nearby mine, that wonderful photograph in the first and second pictures. We introduced ourselves. She told me that she was a professionally trained, world-famous artist who rarely showed in St. Louis (she's from the area). Well, then. I told her I was a semi-trained, mostly unknown amateur who was happy to have something in the show. Chacun à son goût.

Never did understand what the woman on the right was about. In the end, I thought she might have been one of the works in the exhibit.

Afterwards, Carolyn and I went to Layla's, a Lebanese restaurant, for dinner. The unexpected entertainment had more visual appeal than most of the stuff at the gallery.      

Art St Louis Opening "Misperception" 2

Art St Louis Opening "Misperception" 3

Dinner At Layla's