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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Penguin Parade 1

I've never been impressed by penguins' intelligence. After all, so many of them live in Antarctica. The king and gentoo species here do. If one of the caretakers stands squarely in front of them they just stop, oblivious to other directions. It would be exciting if one of them made a break for it.      

Penguin Parade 2

Penguin Parade 3

Monday, January 21, 2013

Penguins On Parade

Penguin Parade 5

No, not the one on the television.

Well, who knew. Penguins have no fear of humans and the younger ones are quite curious. (Apparently the older ones would rather stay home and watch their friends on the telly.) The St. Louis Zoo, one of the best in the country, lets them out for a stroll among the visitors on winter Sunday afternoons.

With moderate temperatures it was absolutely packed yesterday. I was lucky to find a place to sit along the route. The chilly birds were completely unfazed by the crowds. They even brought a mascot promoting a brand of ice cream.

A bit more of this tomorrow.      

Penguin Parade 6

Friday, December 26, 2008

Winter Whirl

The St. Louis Zoo had the carousel running during the Wild Lights display last weekend (see post of December 23). It was cold and dark but the kids didn't care. I set the camera on a tripod as my fingers got more and more numb and this is what came out.

WHAT'S THIS AIRPLANE TICKET SAY? 12/26/2008 R CROWE STL - LGA 11:10 AM. That's New York City! Yippie!

TOMORROW: something in Manhattan, I hope, but the picture remains to be taken.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wild Lights

The St. Louis Zoo, one of the best around, has a thing going on this holiday season called Wild Lights. Much of the area is covered with Christmas-style lighting displays on animal themes. These are just a couple of examples. I may post more after Thursday. By the way, if you were standing in front of the bottom display, the fish would appear to leap out of the water on the left and move in an arc until it plunged back in on the right. With a 3.5 second exposure, you see all the stages at once.

ice, and quite suddenly. I can see it from my office window. It's gotten down to about 7 F. / -14 C. here lately and, of course, much colder upriver. I'd love to get over to the riverfront and shoot it. In my spare time, of course.

a Christmas Eve thought.